Daniel Escoz

Software Developer and Computer Engineer

As a software developer, I can code in a variety of languages. I have different levels of experience in C, C++, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Prolog, Python and Unix Shell Scripting.
I am a strong believer in both Free and Open Source. I contribute to open source libraries and applications whenever I can, and write my own free software, which is available for everyone in my GitHub profile.
Linux is my operating system of choice, with Arch Linux as my favourite distribution. I enjoy using, customizing and tinkering in general with my system. I also maintain a few packages in the Arch User Repository for everyone to use.
I like to both to play and to make videogames, and I sometimes take part in game jams such as Ludum Dare. I periodically upload my previously completed games to my itch.io page.
I am a Computer Engineer, but my education isn't and will never be complete: I love learning new technologies and tinkering with different ways of doing things. I keep learning stuff every day, and hopefully I'll never stop.
I have a blog where I write mainly about programming and computing in general. It's not something I update regularly, but I like to leave my ideas, rants and the like written online for others to read.