Personal Projects

This is a hand-crafted, summarized list of personal projects that I consider big or important. You can find all my projects in my GitHub profile and most of my games in my page.


Hazelnut is a level editor for the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 Gameboy ROM. The codebase includes a few utility classes to deal with GameBoy ROMs that may be useful as an external library but never got to extract.

This was a project I started around 2010 as I started replaying the game on my GameBoy. I downloaded a ROM and started tinkering with the file format, eventually deciphering the (very simple) level format. I decided to write this as a challenge for myself, and became a quite nice level editor.

This is one of my first full applications, and the first one I ever published anywhere.

Lightweight Java Torrent

A Java BitTorrent library with plans for a client intended for programmatic use. The client part is not implemented and might not ever be, although the library part is and works quite nicely.

This project was a challenge for myself. I became interested in network programming and the BitTorrent protocol in particular and decided to start it to see if I could make something functional.

Low End Collections

The Low-End Collections Framework is a re-implementation of most of the Java Collections Framework base classes and interfaces that focuses on high-performance and low memory allocations at the cost of some memory size and usage safety.